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Bacon Packs

Beef & Onion Burgers - Pack of 5 Unsmoked Back Bacon - 500g Cheddar cheese in france
Unsmoked Back Bacon - 500g
Our Price: €6.75
Mature Cheddar Cheese - 1kg
Our Price: €14.00
Cornish Pasties - Pack of 5 Plain Pork Sausages 1KG Beef Roast - 1.5 KG
Cornish Pasties - Pack of 5
Our Price: €11.00
Plain Pork Sausages 1KG
Our Price: €9.50
Beef Roast - 1.5 KG
Our Price: €26.25
beef pack Bacon Pack 1 - 2KG of unsmoked back bacon (includes shipping)
beef pack
Our Price: €130.00

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Happy New Year To All Our Customers!!!! 2018

This year we are adding some non boucherie products to our shop!!

These will allow you to have an English breakfast followed by an English Cream Tea!!! And much more......

For those of you who come to our delivery points or to our collection point in Pompadour you can order almost anything from our selection of UK supermarket products featured in the website www.thelittlebritishtuckshop.com and if not there please order it anyway we most likely can source it for you.

So please take a look at our new range of products.....the ones featured in the shop can all be delivered with the normal butchery products.

Welcome to Boucherie A La Ferme - The Online butcher in France.

Welcome to the online shop from Boucherie A La Ferme. As the name suggests we are farmers as well as butchers and all our meat products have been raised here on our farm in the Corr├ęze, France.

We live in an age where food providence is more important than ever so you can rest assured that by ordering your meat from Boucherie A La Ferme you will know where it has come from. All the pork, beef and lamb products that we sell online were raised here on the farm. There's no food miles or uncertainty of origin to worry about. Our animals are happy and healthy, raised naturally out in the fields the way they should be.

Browse the product categories on the left hand menu and you'll see the range of products that we sell online. The photos are of our food too, not stock images.

As well as the bacon, sausages, pork, gammon, and beef products on sale on the site we also have other beef products available to order. Please call us or take a look at our beef page to find out more.