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Boucherie A La Ferme - The Farm

All of the animals on the farm are lovingly cared for, a great quality of life being just as important for the animals too! The Hicks' herd of cattle are a traditional British breed, fattened on grass alone. This makes the beef perfectly tender and tasty.The pigs are all free range being a large white Landrace cross. They are fed on a farm milled mix of locally sourced grains. The sheep also have lots of freedom with 27 hectares of farmland to graze.

Ray's brother Richard Hicks who is the chicken expert in the T.V series 'River Cottage' has helped the family build their flock of chickens, again ensuring an ideal environment. On the Hick's farm they emulate the traditional methods used by the quality butchers in the UK over many years. The animals are fed well and given plenty of space to run, avoiding a build up of fat and to ensure the development of the perfect taste. Consequently the bacon is leaner than the typical French style poitrine or longe. There is less waste and almost all the animal is used. Ray and Sophie source all their spices and base ingredients from the UK to ensure a truly traditional end product.

About The Animals

All the products are made from the animals kept on the farm which are all free range and reared in small groups, ensuring each animal a true quality of life. Fed on grain that is locally produced, never travelled long distances either to arrive at the farm or to go to the abattoir (where they are treated humanely and professionally). Allowed to live a balanced and happy life with all their individual needs catered for.