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Boucherie A La Ferme - Shipping

Last boxes sent before Christmas will be the week beginning December 7th any orders made after that will be refunded.

0.5 KG - 9.0 KG - Shipping Cost - 30,00 € to mainland France
9,01 KG - 14,00 KG Shipping Cost - 35,00 € to mainland France
14,01KG - 18 KG - Shipping costs - 40,00 € to mainland France
18,01KG - 22 KG - Shipping costs - 58,00 € to mainland France
22 KG - 27 KG - Shipping costs - 65,00 € to mainland France

Please note that a 5€ deposit will be added to your invoice at the shipping total. This will be refunded to you with your order if there is any change from your final order.

Bacon packs have shipping included in the price so if you order a bacon pack on its own then the price you see will be the price you pay.

When ordering bacon with other products please go to bacon and gammon and order it in the usual format.